SAFE personnel will help develop, implement, and maintain a viable security program that meets your operational, budgetary, and compliance needs.

These programs are developed and maintained based on your unique environment by an expert who spends the time learning about your organization before providing a recommended solution. The program may include covering important items, such as:

  • Information Security Program Development
  • Information Security Policy & Procedure Development/Support
  • Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Audit Log Management / Review
  • Creation / Review of Access Privileges
  • Application Security Guidance
  • Information Security Risk Assessments
  • Recruit, Interview, and Recommend for Hire key personnel with critical skills
  • Third Party Vendor Management Program Review
  • Implementation / Review of Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Data Retention Guidelines and Standards
  • Information Security Program Training
  • Incident Response Plan Development / Review / Update